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Climaveneta Air Source Heat Pumps

DeLonghi-Climaveneta are Europe’s largest manufacturer of refrigeration based temperature control equipment and work in partnership with ICS Heat Pump Technology.

Climaveneta air source heat pumps come with capacities from 5kW to 40kW which are suitable for a wide range of applications.

Bran H

Comes in three single phase models:

Bran H 0011- 6.5kW, CoP 4.01
Bran H 0025 – 8.7kW, CoP 4.01
Bran H 0041 – 13.8kW, CoP 4.01

These units provide cost effective heating and hot water with a maximum operating temperature of 55 degrees Celsius.

Additional advantages include a built in circulation pump, full domestic hot water control and minimum defrost time.


Comes in single and three phase models – 5kW to 18kW, CoP 4.33

The MTD provides a solution to conventional heating and cooling in the home and can produce output temperatures of 55 degrees Celsius.

Other features include a built in circuit pump, 24 hour timer operation and frost protection.


Comes in single phase and three phase models – 9kW to 20kW, CoP 4.22

HT air source heat pumps work as a direct replacement to the boiler to provide heating, with output temperatures of 65 degrees Celsius.

These devices can provide heating in outdoor temperatures as low as minus 20 degrees Celsius.

DHW Twin

Comes in single and three phase models – 7kW to 35kW, CoP 3.62

The DHW Twin range is capable of simultaneous heating and cooling. Output temperatures can reach 65 degrees Celsius with 100 per cent heat recovery.

These heat pumps can be configured to suit a particular application and due to their ability in being able to provide two simultaneous outputs they are able to provide real benefits on
both residential and commercial applications.





Compare free quotes from local and nationwide heat pump installers...

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