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Climaveneta Ground Source Heat Pumps

DeLonghi-Climaveneta are Europe’s largest manufacturer of refrigeration based temperature control equipment and work in partnership with ICS Heat Pump Technology.

Climaveneta ground source heat pumps offer a strong range of heating appliances to match the requirements of any project.


Comes in single and three phase models:

BW/BWR MTD – 5kW to 47kW, CoP 4.28

These units can be used to provide heating, cooling and hot water and are capable of a maximum operating temperature of 55 degrees Celsius.

MTD heat pumps are suitable for single or multiple unit installation to give larger capacities.

Additional advantages include the use of a built in plant and circulation pump and hot water system control.


Comes in single phase and three phase models – 6kW to 40kW, C0P 4.1

The Cube is described as the next generation of ground source heat pumps.

Units can provide heating only or heating plus cooling with capacities from 6kW up to 35kW, single phase. This range can also offer a heating output of 60 degrees Celsius.

Features and benefits of devices include a compact design, low noise and a colour match option.


Comes in single phase and three phase models – 6kW to 23kW, CoP 4.7

The Slim units provide users with heating, cooling and hot water and benefits from an 180L thermal water tank.

This heat pump range can achieve output temperatures of 60 degrees Celsius with easy to use controls.

It also offers easy positioning, a compact design and low noise operation.

DHW Twin Heat Pump

Comes in single and three phase models – 14kW to 43kW, CoP 3.56

The DHW range is capable of simultaneous heating and cooling or high temperature heating and hot water with a low temperature output.

Key benefits of this system, which makes it stand out from conventional ground source heat pumps, is its ability to give 100 per cent heat pump recovery and simultaneous heating and hot water at temperatures of 65 degrees Celsius.


Comes in single-circuit and dual circuit versions – 43.4kW to 371kW

A reversible heat pump for indoor installation. The BWR – MTD can produce a domestic hot water supply of 55 degrees Celsius in both summer and winter conditions.

Simultaneous production of chilled water and hot water can be achieved by this product, which also benefits from a thermostatic expansion valve and plate heat exchangers.


Comes in nine models – 48kW to 491kW

This reversible heat pump allows for total heat recovery and can produce domestic hot water at temperatures of 55 degrees Celsius.

It also includes advance logic operations, the use of two and four compressors and reliability in summer and winter conditions.



Compare free quotes from local and nationwide heat pump installers...

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