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Danfoss Ground Source Heat pumps

As a manufacturer of heat pumps, Danfoss Heat Pumps UK produces more than 250,000 items every day with customers spanning the domestic and commercial sectors.

Danfoss ground source heat pumps provide a cost effective alternative to other traditional heating systems.

Danfoss DHP-H

Comes in five models:

DHP-H 10
DHP-H 12
DHP-H 16

These products have heating outputs ranging from around 6kW to 16kW.

The Danfoss DHP-H takes energy from the ground and converts it to provide heating and hot water for your home.

Systems feature an integrated hot water tank (180 l), with the ability to produce hot water faster and at higher temperatures than with traditional technology.

The DHP-H operates at a low sound level and it can easily be adapted to produce cost effective cooling. You can also control and monitor DHP-H via the internet.

Danfoss DHP-L

Comes in five models:

DHP-L 10
DHP-L 12
DHP-L 16

Danfoss DHP-L heat pumps can cut your heating costs and carbon emissions significantly.

As this system uses a separate hot water tank it is suitable for both low and high hot water demands.

Further benefits of this heat pump are low noise levels, cooling functions and ease of control.

Danfoss DHP-R

Comes in six models:

DHP-R 20
DHP-R 26
DHP-R 35
DHP-R 42

Heating outputs vary between 20kW to 42kW.

The DHP-R ground source heat pump is made for use in larger buildings.

This appliance can be integrated to existing heating systems, such as an oil-fired boiler or an electric boiler, to supply extra energy when needed.

Beneficial features include the ability to provide cooling, control via the internet and defrost technology.





Compare free quotes from local and nationwide heat pump installers...

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