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Lailey & Coates

If you’re looking for a heat pump perfectly optimised for UK homes, look no further than Lailey & Coates. Based in Slough, has developed a range of heat pumps engineered specifically to suit British homes and the unpredictable and changeable UK climate.

After more than 7 years of intensive product development, Lailey & Coates have delivered an air source heat pump soley designed with British homes in mind. Their range of split system heat pumps are available in 7kW, 9kW, 12kW and 15kW, and offer high efficiency with COP’s between 4.5 to 4.8. The units were officially launched at Ecobuild 2013.

Optimised for UK weather conditions, the split level design enables the more sensitive components to be housed inside the home in a separate unit, which means greater protection from the elements and in turn increases the life of the product.

One of the most aesthetically pleasing air source heat pumps, their outside units are painted in British Racing Green, which helps to add to the product’s “Britishness”.

Lailey & Coates combines tried and tested components and smart design to deliver one of the best optimised air source heat pump ranges on the market.

For further information please contact:

Lailey & Coates
951 Yeovil Road
Slough Trading Estate
SL1 4NH 


Compare free quotes from local and nationwide heat pump installers...

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