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NIBE Exhaust Air Heat Pumps

NIBE Energy Systems Limited is part of NIBE Heating, one of Europe’s leading manufacturers in the domestic heating sector.

Exhaust air heat pumps provide ventilation in homes, which means a totally hygienic air supply.


The NIBE F205 is a domestic ventilation system with heat recovery for heating and domestic hot water.

This system can be used to replace both a conventional gas condensing boiler, hot water tank and the separate heat recovery ventilation system to provide low-temperature heating for underfloor and wall heating.

The NIBE F205 has additional heating in the form of an integrated immersion heater. It also has an operator panel for user-friendly control.


NIBE F370 is part of a new league of heat pumps, which have been introduced to supply your home with low cost and environmentally friendly heating, with an extremely low noise level.

The heat pump provides a low temperature heat supply to radiators, convectors or under floor heating. It can also be connected to various products and accessories, such as an extra water heater and heating systems with different temperatures.


The F470 heat pump creates safe and economical heat production and acts as a heat distribution system for radiators, convectors or under floor heating.

NIBE F470 can be connected in several different system, including solar panels, a gas boiler and to an extra electric hot water heater.

Other benefits include clear information display and simple troubleshooting.

Compare free quotes from local and nationwide heat pump installers...

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