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NIBE Ground Source Heat Pumps

NIBE Energy Systems Limited is part of NIBE Heating, one of Europe’s leading manufacturers in the domestic heating sector.

NIBE Ground Source Heat Pumps can lower your energy consumption for heating by 75 per cent.

NIBE F1145

Comes in five different models.

NIBE F1145 is a ground source heat pump for heating single and multi-family houses and industrial buildings. These ground source heat pumps are not only more efficient than previous models by NIBE, but have also been designed for user friendly operation. With a NIBE F1145 Energy Systems states you can reduce your energy costs by 80 per cent.

Other benefits include quite operation and adaptable design, meaning you can add accessories such as a ventilation unit.

NIBE F1245

Comes in three different models.

NIBE F1245 is ideal for heating single-family houses fitted with a 180-litre hot water heater. It can produce an abundance of hot water and supplies are quickly replenished. This product is said to be able to reduce your energy costs by up to 80 per cent.

In addition to this, this product is user friendly with low noise levels and an adaptable design.

NIBE F1330

Comes in four different models.

The NIBE F1330 is designed for heating larger buildings such as family houses and large scale industrial plants. It utilises soil, brine or ground water as an energy source.

The NIBE F1330 is a flexible product with advanced control equipment. It can run at two different flow temperatures, and furthermore, it can be adapted to work with an oil fuelled or electric boiler.

Compare free quotes from local and nationwide heat pump installers...

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