Published by Kate Anderson on October 15th, 2013

Irish based renewable heating systems manufacturer and installer Glen Dimplex has launched its next generation ‘A Class’ air source heat pump, which is believed to be the most efficient heat pump available in the UK and Ireland. 

Designed and built at a cost of £4 million, after three years of research, the company believes the A Class heat pump has the potential to revolutionise the way in which we heat our homes and hot water. At least 2,000 units are set to be manufactured in 2014 at the company’s two factories in Newry and Portadown, Northern Ireland, which will create an additional 55 jobs over the next three years.

Heat pumps work by extracting heat from the outside air which is used for space heating and hot water, and are capable of performing even at sub zero temperatures. Air source systems can be retro fitted and installed into new builds and can cost between £4,000 and £10,000 to install. Designed to help households reduce their energy bills, a four bed family home could achieve savings of around £1,000 a year by replacing their boiler with the A Class air source heat pump.

Aside from the financial savings, air source heat pumps help to lower a household’s carbon emissions. According to Glen Dimplex, replacing a gas boiler with their new air source heat pump is equivalent to one less car on the road; if replacing an oil boiler it’s the equivalent of taking two cars off the road.

A world leader in intelligent electric heating and renewable energy solutions, Glen Dimplex was founded in 1973 and today the company spans four continents and employs more than 10,000 people. A supplier of state-of-the-art renewable heating systems, Dimplex has been active in the heat pump market for over 30 years.

Speaking at the launch of the A Class earlier this month, sustainability expert and TV presenter Dick Strawbridge said: “The future is sustainability and the future is renewables.”

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